Welcome to the
Warsaw Biblical Gardens
in Warsaw, IN, USA

We are officially open from
April 15th to October 10th each year.

We are open every day of the week from about dawn to dusk.

Best Times to Visit

  • April 15 to May 10, for bulb displays
  • May 15 to July 4th (approx) for highest color. If we have a kinder summer, it may be a bit longer before we start to "burn".
  • September to EARLY October for Fall Meadow displays and grasses.

We offer guided tours from May 15th through September 15th.
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How Can I Help Support the Warsaw Biblical Gardens?


What do I need to know to volunteer?


Events and Tours


The Warsaw Biblical Gardens are a rare oasis, rich in beauty and tranquility, and are accessible for persons of all ages and of all faiths.

Our one hour tour follows a meandering garden path and provides botanical information along with Scriptural references and Bible stories about our plants.  Tour passes through six micro-climates which represent the main environments of which the Bible speaks - the Meadow, the Orchard, the Forest, the Desert, the Wet and Dry Brook, and the Crop area.      

Guided tours available May 15 to September 15.  Individual walk-throughs March through October at no cost.


Tour only . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $2.00
Tour with Plant Guide Book. . . . . . . . . $5.00
Plant Guide Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3.00

To schedule a tour call 574-267-6218


The Warsaw Biblical Gardens provides a beautiful and unique setting for your wedding.  We allow ceremony only. Reception must be held at another location. 

A donation of $100 reserves the gardens for a minimum of two hours and $50 for each additional hour if needed. Arrangements and payment must be made in advance so a staff member can be present during the event. The Party will be responsible for removing all trash and recycling from their event.  There are no garbage cans available.  The gardens are to be left in the same condition at the conclusion of the reservation period as they were at the start. Should a cancellation occur, the Warsaw Biblical Gardens (574-267-6218) should be notified as early as possible.

There are no rain shelters or restroom facilities. The Warsaw Biblical Gardens cannot be responsible for weather or weather-related preparation.  It is your responsibility to arrange in advance for a "rain location".  (The Warsaw Parks Department is often booked up a full year in advance for the use of the Center Lake Pavilion.)  In the event of rain, your donation will be returned.

No equipment, such as chairs, table, etc. will be available from the Warsaw Biblical Gardens.  If chairs, tables, etc. are brought in, they must be placed on dry solid ground and not in flower beds.  Existing furniture must remain in place. Tents are not permitted.  No alcohol or smoking is allowed. 

Please be aware that not all denominations encourage weddings outside of a church building.  Please check with your pastor, priest, or rabbi.  

During the hours for which you choose to contract, a member of the Warsaw Biblical Gardens staff will be on hand to try to insure minimal disruption from others enjoying the gardens.

To reserve your wedding date call 574-267-6218