Welcome to the
Warsaw Biblical Gardens
in Warsaw, IN, USA

We are officially open from
April 15th to October 10th each year.

We are open every day of the week from about dawn to dusk.

Best Times to Visit

  • April 15 to May 10, for bulb displays
  • May 15 to July 4th (approx) for highest color. If we have a kinder summer, it may be a bit longer before we start to "burn".
  • September to EARLY October for Fall Meadow displays and grasses.

We offer guided tours from May 15th through September 15th.
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How Can I Help Support the Warsaw Biblical Gardens?


What do I need to know to volunteer?




The Warsaw Biblical Gardens is a community enterprise, and we are always looking for volunteers. 

We have divided the gardens into several small parts, which can be cared for with one or two hours each week, depending on the segment. Our Head Gardener will be on site to assist with all gardening activities.

As with any garden there is always much to do and we need help to keep the gardens looking their best.  We would like to staff the garden with as many community volunteers as possible, so if you have an extra couple of hours per month or per week that you could give to help keep the gardens beautiful, we would greatly appreciate it.

If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact us at 574-527-2229.